5 Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000 In India 2021

Are you looking for the Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000 rupees in India?

If yes, then you have arrived in the right place, because this article will help you to pick the most comfortable and suitable Women’s Running Shoes for daily running practice.

Running is a great exercise, and if you are a daily runner, you require a good piece of running footwear. But nowadays it’s tough to get the best running shoes because so many famous brands are there in the market and to find one at the most economical price is very hard.

But don’t worry about it because we have made a list of Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000 from various popular brands like Sparx, Lotto, Adidas, and more, also keeping in mind all women players and coaches who can use them during the Gym and training.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Running Shoes

It is tough to find the right running shoe at a moderate price in today’s time. While taking a proper running shoe, keep in mind some factors given below:

1. Weight – Always take lightweight footwear for running so that you do not feel tired and could complete your running comfortably.

2. Breathable – Always take Breathable footwear, so there is no difficulty running from sweating to your toes.

3. Size – Always take proper care of your fitting while purchasing a shoe so that your foot does not move in the shoe while running.

4. Arch support – Take care of arch support in a running shoe while purchasing so that you get an immeasurable fitting and comfort.

5. Padded – Padded shoes play an essential role in running. It gives you good comfort, and if it is not well, you may have pain problems while running.

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List Of 5 Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000 in India

All the products listed here have been selected based on their customer ratings and reviews. Plus our team has done a lot of research and selected the best products of all time, so you can be sure that you’re buying the great product.

1. Lotto Women’s Sancia Mesh Running Shoes

Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000

Lotto Women’s Sancia Mesh Running Shoes uses mesh as the exterior material. It’s a well-designed shoe that fits perfectly on your feet. It comes with excellent padding, making it very comfortable during activities. And if the looks mean to you, you’ll be happy with it.

The sole is made of rubber, which is very durable. It also gives a good grip on the ground, so you won’t have to worry about gliding. According to some buyers, this pair could use a few more padding at the back, though.

Overall, the shoe’s quality is excellent, and many women who are using it were surprised they got it for such a low price. Some users even purchased more than one pair.

This pair from Lotto is the right quality shoe at an affordable cost – making it the top pick of this list of Best Women’s Running Shoes Under 1000 in India.

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2. Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes

best running shoes under 1000

The top of Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes is created of mesh material, and It’s almost lightweight. The footwear is very comfortable. It could have been a lot more helpful if there was a little more padding in it. So I’d suggest using it for light running only.

It has an EVA sole, which makes it very flexible and soft. And the shoe is pretty durable, some buyers claim to have used it for months, and they were pleased about it.

Many users say that footwear is extensive and you won’t have to buy a bigger size. So do check that before you use it on the streets farther. Overall this is another best running shoes for women under 1000 rupees.

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3. Sparx Women’s Sx0513l Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For Women Under 1000 Rupees

Another set from Sparx on this list, Sparx Women’s Sx0513l Running Shoes is a lightweight and comfortable shoe. Its top is made with a mixture of mesh and PU leather materials.

The outsole is composed of Phylon and TPR. It is very flexible, and it could have been a little better, though. It may wear out a bit earlier than you would expect. A drawback but not a deal-breaker considering the cost.

Sparx SL-513 is an immeasurable option in this price range. Make sure to buy one size more significant as the shoe goes a little smaller.

4. Adidas Women’s Phantom Mesh Running Shoes

adidas running shoes under 1000

Adidas Phantom mesh is one of the best women’s running shoes under 1000 rupees. It provides a glittering matt finish, and the mesh allows air to get a breeze to avoid sweating inside.

It is suitable for all types of athletic activities. Being lightweight, it gives an added comfort to the foot. The top of Adidas Women’s Phantom shoes is built with mesh material, making the shoes very lightweight.

5. Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes

Our last but not least pick for the best women’s running shoes under 1000 rupees is a set from Power, one of the Bata brands. Power Burton L Running shoe is surprisingly comfortable. Its top is made of synthetic and mesh materials, and it’s almost lightweight.

Also, the color sequence of the footwear makes it seem elegant. Power Burton L Running shoe could be the right choice for those women who want to use it as short as possible.

Some FAQs Related to Women’s Running Shoes

1. How to choose the best running shoes for my feet?

If you are a beginner athlete or just a runner, you might be worried about choosing the perfect set of running shoes. At that time, you need to take lightweight and easy to run footwear.

The perfect running shoes can help you provide the ideal gripping on the ground surface and run comfortably. The ideal footwear is the key to handle the grips and shield your feet while you’re running on the concrete surface.

2. What Things To Avoid While Buying The Perfect Running Shoes?

Here are some essential things to check and avoid while buying a new running shoe:
1) Do not buy a shoe that is too small. Always check your exact feet size before purchasing a new running shoe.
2) Ever buy a branded shoe when it comes to running.
3) Do not purchase a shoe only if it looks good.
4) Check the material and product quality.


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