6 Best Proven Education Tools For Teachers And Students

Best Proven Education Tools For Teachers And Students – Yes, technology plays an immensely important role in the field of education these days. You can explore innumerable digital education tools and programs that have been created to assist students and teachers with their academic-related works. Even students can use a JPG to PDF converter online if they want to convert a JPG image to a PDF document. 

In this informative context, we compiled 5 best tools that facilitate communication between teachers and students, among different other things.

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6 Best Proven Education Tools For Teachers And Students

6 Best Proven Education Tools For Teachers And Students
6 Best Proven Education Tools For Teachers And Students


This is the well-known site that seeks to reduce the cost of the academic books for the K-12 system in the United States and (globally). It is packed with an open-source interface that helps you in creating and distributing educational material through the internet. This material can then easily be modified and even contain audio, videos, and interactive exercises. Make a visit to theonlineconverter.com for open-source and free JPG to PDF converter online to swiftly turn JPG into PDF file (if required). 

Remember that the books that are developed in the CK-12 site can easily be adapted to the needs of any teacher or student. 


It is referred to as the best tool that helps to improve student behavior – even teachers allow their students to provide instant feedback. By doing so, the good disposition in class is “rewarded” with points and students encounter a more receptive attitude towards the learning process. If you capture an image of some crucial note and it is stored in JPG format, then make it more portable by converting it into a PDF file. An online JPG to PDF converter is specified to convert JPG image to PDF document file. 

ClassDojo provides you with real-time notifications to students for working collaboratively. The great thing about this tool is:

  • The information that is collected about the student’s portfolio can be shared later with guardians as well as administrators through the web-portal


This is the best platform that lets students and teachers share and explore legitimate references and educational material.

  • Now, you could easily grab the information that found on the internet and then shares it with the members of previously created groups
  • This app offers the possibility to manage academic work more effectively that is gathered online
  • improve research techniques
  • Even this app is packed with a digital record of what students achieved during the academic session

When it comes to sharing an image of some crucial announcements, teachers need to turn it into PDF for security concerns. For that, a JPG to PDF converter online is the way to go with converting JPG to PDF Adobe document. 

Also, eduClipper provides a great opportunity for teachers through which they organize a virtual class with their students. And even assists in creating a portfolio where the entire work carried out is stored. 


This tool is indicated for promoting writing and reading skills in students with the ease of storytelling. For teachers, it is loaded with a simple interface for creating interactive and artistic books online. The stories that are created with this tool can be embedded in blogs, sent by email, and printed, among other options. Apart from that, no matter whether students and teachers have a bunch of JPG regular images, they can make use of a JPG to PDF converter online to save JPG as PDF online. 

Storybird also assists to create projects with students, providing constant feedback, and even organizing classes and grades. 


Animoto is referred to as a digital tool that helps in creating high-quality videos in a short period by using any smartphone. It is a great way to inspire students and help them in their academic lessons. The interface of this tool is very practical for teachers as it assists to create audiovisual content that adapts to educational needs.


Finally, Kahoot is an educational source, which entirely depends on games and questions. With this tool, teachers could create questionnaires, discussions, or surveys that fully complement academic lessons. Even teachers can share their questionnaires images in PDF form for security concerns, they can use JPG to PDF converter for respective file conversions. Well, the entire material is projected in the classroom, and questions are answered by students. This is a great way where playing and learning take place at the same time. 

Kahoot! Is a great way to promote game-based learning that increases student engagement and even creates a dynamic, social, and fun educational environment.

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