What Is Plagiarism? – Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, writer, or website owner, you always need unique content to post on your site. You work towards such content that is distinctive about the products or services you are providing. Well-written content creates your identity in the competitive internet world.

So, what should you do when you need fresh content for your existing website? In a world where information is conveniently accessible via a secure internet connection, it is easy to develop articles.

If you think it really is that easy, think again! What if the new content is not up to mark? Its words are not powerful enough to attract the readers. Instead of seeing new visitors pouring into your website, you see a decline in traffic.

If this is what you are going through, you seriously need to think about using a plagiarism checker and an article rewriter tool. We will talk in detail about both these tools and how they can detect and eliminate plagiarism for free.

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What Is Plagiarism And Why You Need To Analyze Your Content For It?

What Is Plagiarism And Why You Need To Analyze Your Content For It?
What Is Plagiarism And Why You Need To Analyze Your Content For It?

Plagiarism is the act of copying and pasting already published content on your own website. This is considered stealing of intellectual properties and is termed plagiarism. This is an act that is frowned upon by readers, original content owners, and most of all, search engines.

To avoid using content that has already been published, you need a plagiarism checker to provide an effective way to inspect your content for any red flags. These are specialized programs that are easily available on the internet and check for plagiarism from all types of content. By using a plagiarism checker tool, you will never be accused of plagiarism ever.

So, why do you need these tools? To check for plagiarism? No! There’s more to it. Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

It Helps You Stay Within Regulatory Limits

Online marketers and bloggers have to operate within certain ethical limits if they want their businesses to succeed online. This is why the need to check for plagiarism arises before you publish any sort of content. The tool ensures that none of your text matches with content from other sources.

Provides Links of the Source Text

With these incredible tools, you not only check for plagiarism, but you also get access to links to the source text that is plagiarized. This is specifically useful for students as the software helps them determine if the results are based on substantial evidence. Also, you get to compare your content with the source text and compare the quality of words and information.

Provide Similarity Percentage

The similarity percentage feature helps students as they are only allowed a certain amount of citation. Using the tool, the student can check for plagiarism as well as ensure their work is within the standard percentage rate set by their school or university.

Why Do You Need an Article Spinner?

For an online marketer who runs a website, content is their major marketing strategy. Producing plagiarism-free content regularly can be a tedious job, though. Writing about the same product or service using different stories takes up a lot of time and energy. Also, it enhances the chances of plagiarism. So, how about you use a quality article spinner to reproduce content?

An article rewriter is a popular online tool amongst digital marketers that can rewrite content flawlessly and produce tons of articles. It also eliminates the chances of plagiarism.


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using an article spinner. If you have to rewrite 20 to 30 articles, you can get it done in just a few hours. If the same effort is made manually, it can take a number of days. So, what would you prefer? The answer is obvious – article spinner!

Unique content

Search engines are always on the lookout for unique articles, and that is exactly what an article spinner can produce. In an attempt to rewrite content, the meaning of the original content should not be lost. It is the information in your article that attracts readers. Article spinner retains the quality of content and information while spinning words. The tool has an extensive database of synonyms that rephrases sentences and words smartly.

Parting Words

To reach the first page of the search engine, you need to have killer content on your website. This is a constant strategy that you need to adapt to reach the level you dream of. But we should also realize that plagiarism is a critical issue in hand that needs to be addressed while producing content.

Both article spinner and plagiarism checker are powerful tools that can take your content marketing to a whole new level. Use these programs to make the most out of it.


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